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To make this process as simple as possible, I've created this page to list all the ways we can connect.

1. Our Member Directory:

This form helps me create a spreadsheet to share with you. Learn who's here and how to get in touch when we need to refer services. 

*If you want to offer a special to fellow members, list it.  I recommend not discounting your services, just add a little extra something if you want to share more with our members.  We love what you do with or without an added offer, so there's no pressure here. Offers only apply to members, not to friends, family or referrals.  Offers are to stimulate service exchanges within the group.

Name *
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Address ( if you have a physical BUSINESS address)
Address ( if you have a physical BUSINESS address)

2. Interact in Our Facebook Groups- Join Now

The Secret Members Only Group is for us to announce post and communicate with members only.

The Lehigh Valley Wellness Guide Community Group is for posts from our members about our events & services.  Anyone in the community can join this group. We are the only ones to post here.  You paid to be a part of this group for a reason.  This isn't a community cork board kinda group.  It's all about why we shine! 

3. Get on the Email List so Kelly can stay in touch with you:

It is simply the easiest way to update you via email. Sign up please. 

Let's face it, Facebook isn't everyone's cup of tea. And it's kinda unreliable. 

With an email management system, I get to track the emails I send and only have to send one at a time!  Woot woot!  Plus if you are not opening my emails I can reach out directly so you don't miss a thing. 

*Gmail users make sure you mark our emails properly so you receive them.  

4. Events for Events Page

If there are any upcoming Events for your biz that you'd like to share on our community group page and our main website please let me know and I can add them to the Events Page.  Facebook events links are always welcome.  Email the info to me direct:

*Many of us do ALOT of events, I may not be able to list every single event, prioritize.  Just putting that out there if you want to list a million per month.  Kudos to you for being that busy tho!


Thanks for your support, interaction and involvement in the Lehigh Valley Wellness Guide! I couldn't take on the mission to Connect our Community with Health & Wellness without you.

With the warmest heart and biggest smile,